Loginit – PHP Complete Web Sign In and Sign Up System

Loginit is an advanced, complete and high secure PHP login web system with account creation, email password recovery, remembering the user logged in and client & server side form fields validations.

It’s created with OOP PHP and works with MySQL databases. Includes high secure functionalities like encryption, hashing and SQL Injection protection. It has the most advanced and safe features for your users registration, login and password recovery solution. It comes bundled with 4 layout styles that you can choose from at setup time.

The fast setup page it will help you get started and config your system in minutes and get unlimited users. You only need the created database and enter its details in the configuration page. Our system can be integrated with your existing database. You have available the documentation with all the details that can help you in the installation process.


Fast Setup Page
Easy installation and configuration on your existing website
Object Oriented PHP
4 Sign In/Sign Up HTML5 Responsive Styles
High Secure Code
SQL Injection Protection
Remember me functionality
Email Password Recovery
Client & Server Side Form Fields Validations
Works with MySQL Databases
Responsive Design with HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap v5.2 Framework